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Ok, another day. Pregnant with possibilities, I must remind myself of that first thing in the morning. With the coffee and the itchy remnants of the nighttime dream and half naked in the heat, I sit to do this journal thing in spite of the packing I need to do.

The words always comfort and packing to move risks tampering with a very delicate balance these days. Between thirst and quenching, I reside in a half moon state. But that's only because it is morning.

As I write, the edges smooth and the day looks as shiny as a newborn. And let's face it, the coffee kicks in.

Over the last few months my life has been a giant pinata taking licks from all sides. Now it is breaking wide open and I am amazed to find the answers that had alluded me until now. I am sky, wide open.

This is what I learned in this process and would like to share. Self-renewal is the only true path to freedom. Think about it. How lush and plump with Beauty are we when we embrace our warts with our wings. Without permission from anyone, we accept who we are and fly.

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