Aug. 27th, 2010 10:27 am
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there were the pretty lesbians
who would not confess
to their boyfriends
that it was good
like that in jail at night

something hungry
for something full

the t.v., always on
was drowned out by living
in realtime
and no one could change the
channel unless they were
tired of living

and the waiting was palpable,
sounded like steel chains,
it could cut you worse
than the junky in the next bunk
who thought you stole her can
of tuna

but pretty girls did pretty time
and made the chains seem fashionable,
wore their steel anklets just so…
had choices
made commitments
to Marsha or Tawana
and flaunted that shit,
strutted it on the roof
at gym,
matted down at night in
front of the tube

and when the food had been
more than edible
and the shower fit just right
and the nights were molasses
and women bedded down
in clouds of powder

when there had been
a candy bar or a joint
and someone tickled you in
that place where no man ever was

when time was something you
stopped thinking about in
the middle of something so
good it made you forget,
so good that it made you
remember, too

when there was that
or even just a little bit of that
it made the night free
and morning possible

but they couldn’t tell their boyfriends,
the pink and bronze and ebony
ladies of the evening showers,
they couldn’t tell the boyfriends
who sent the money
for the lotion that made them soft
as a kitten on the prowl
or the powder that disguised the pain

who sent the money to buy the candy
or the “hook up” stew of
impossible ingredients
only shared with the chosen

pretty girls do pretty time,
don’t let them fool you,
and slip away from the hardness
for just a little while

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